too hilarious not to post

I am not so into packing, but I love finding little bits and pieces of things I forgot about. For example, this drunk-diary note I wrote in 2005! My friend Courtney and I used to write drunk diaries all the time. We had some hilarity the night we wrote this.

The note is as follows. For reference, we were all at my mom’s, she & my step dad Bern were asleep while all this was going on. Devin is my brother, Josh was my then-boyfriend, and Cirdt is drunkspeak for Courtney.

06 July 145 am
Drunk diary v. 4875b
Cirdt is passing out on the couch. Some would call that “party pooping”. We are eating hoagies with glue cheese. Le fromage colle-ecole. Jawsh is drinking teh pilsner. Devin wants us to start a bonfire but we are lazy. Also under fear of Bern’s wrath. PILSENER PILSENER. I think Cirdt’s gonna barf.

I CALLED IT. She’s barfing. She said not to expect her participation in this diary but I think she’s participating all right. At least there’s no tub for her to puke in.

Ok Cirdt tried to puke but was unsuccessful. Devin is here. Him & Josh are pals. Mam just woke up & went back to bed

[drawing of: skull and crossbones, hunched over figure labelled ‘Cirdt who is falling asleep’]

Jawsh just licked my face. Ew

Cirdt’s sleeping over. In the morning Jawsh is gonna make us french toast.

Cirdt says: I feel wibbly and the room is all spinny.

now she is pondering her drunkenness & going to barf some.

Devin & Jawsh are being man pals in the pack yard.

[Courtney’s writing] I threw up. iit was madly stressful.

[back to me]

[drawing of the devil horns]
p.s. mum is mad.

Cirdt didn’t end up sleeping over. She walked back to her parents’ house at 3 am. I don’t remember if we had french toast in the morning, but I remember the glue-cheese hoagies–whenever I drank I would buy a pizza sub from the nearest convenience store, usually the brand of sub with the Hagar-style viking on the label. So nasty, but soooooo satisfying.

Very classy. This is a prime example of how whenever I get drunk I think I’m so hilarious. sigh….


One thought on “too hilarious not to post

  1. Probably the thing I miss the most about circa 2005 you is your drunk journal entries. Also, WTF didn’t you post a pic of the journal? I’ve been deprived of drunk Rin art!

    Also, you think you’re hilarious even when you’re not drunk, which I think is hilarious.

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