the first one

This is the first box I packed. My move has begun! Today was pretty much the most perfect summer day I could ask for and so I don’t even feel melancholy about packing. Usually it makes me all moony and remembrancey but today it felt fine. I have empty shelves and the more I pack, the more the boxes will be infringing on our tiny bit of floor space! I am so not looking forward to that part of.

I am really looking forward to finding all my “lost” stuff. I really just have a tiny apartment crammed with things, so in the nooks and crannies above eye level I found two things I had misplaced. Besides that, when I find Pepin’s stash of stolen items I will reunite a few pairs of plugs and that will be very nice.


2 thoughts on “the first one

    1. Yes! And Mich I found so much hilarious teenage stuff today! I found a bunch of photos and some drawings we made and some notes you wrote me, a valentine’s day card with a picture of “the perfect man who doesn’t exist”, our pamphlets from when we protested the Gap and flyers from when we did that protest at the Legislature. I miss you!!

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