the wind is blowing us down the road

This weekend is a quickie road trip to Redding: when all is said and done, it will be about 1400 miles round-trip. We’re leaving soon, as soon as Greg gets home from work, and we’ll be home on Saturday night. I love being in the car, zooming down the road with him beside me and Buzz smiling in the back seat. It’s worth noting, too, that Redding is the same distance from here as it is from Bellingham, WA, so we’re going halfway to Canada!

This morning I’ve been cleaning, packing, and getting the last-minute guilt at leaving the cats alone. I know they will be fine, and they can more than handle 48 h alone, but I still get the silly stay-home tug on my heart. At least the cats are friends, so they will spend two days running around being terrors to each other and trying to get into every secret cabinet, nook & cranny in the house.

I finally figured out how to post to Flickr from my phone (hooray!!) so now I can keep up with my photo-a-day thing. I started doing it as a lark and so I can hardly believe I’ve been doing it for six months already!

Oh, and more good news: we found out our moving date. We will be leaving San Diego August 15. Right now it seems almost far off but I know it will come rushing toward us. It’s only six weeks away. Six weeks until I am back in Canada!! I swear, when we cross the border I am going to drop down and kiss the earth. Ok, maybe I won’t do that, but I will probably cry happy tears.

Here is a song I am so into right now. ❤ I love country music so hard.


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