happy summer-eve

I feel like we gave Buzz a really good day! It started off with chicken meat & gizzard oatmeal, then we had a serious 1h walk around the neighbourhood. The afternoon was relax-time, with playing and carrot snacks and napping, supper of chicken & fish, then a half-hour walk on the beach! He even ran around and dipped his nose and paws in the ocean. If we let him he just drinks ocean water and barfs on the way home…ha! Thankfully we missed out on that excitement today. After we got back, Pepin turned on his grade-A befriending charm! He groomed B’s tail-tip, ear-edge and footpads, then they sat with their foreheads together and I nearly died of delight. I think they are going to be true pals soon!

It’s a nice change to feel like I am succeeding in my quest to provide Buzz with the best life I can.


3 thoughts on “happy summer-eve

    1. Oh, thank you for saying that! I worry so much that I don’t do enough to make his life enjoyable. Do you do the same with your dogs or am I just neurotic?

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