lazy Saturday morning

It is going to be a very lazy day. Greg is in bed with a mega-hangover and because we only have one room in our house, I predict today will be pretty laid back. Last night we went out with our friend Jon to this rad mega-hipster bar, the Whistle Stop, and it was so fun. Jon is a laugh riot, and there was some really good (and some mediocre) live music. All in all, it was a great night, though I guess Greg is regretting some of it and I really shouldn’t have had that bean & cheese burrito at 3 am. I should have known better but I was soooo hungry. My stomach is paying me back for it today though. Either way, it was good to go out.

Here’s a photo from my shoot with Cyn. Our shoot was so much fun! We went down to Coronado beach and it was a good time. After our shoot we walked around and got lunch and it was another pretty day at the beach.

Totally unrelated question: how many of you have clothes from high school still? I still have a few things. I’m pretty much the same size, but I have a different style now, so all that I have is just a few t-shirts and a dress I can’t seem to get rid of. Clothing can represent such emotional baggage! Does anyone else carry it around with them?

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