today’s shoot

In a few hours I’m headed out to the beach to do some more photos with Cynthia. We shot together once before, in March. I think she is a really cool girl so I’m looking forward to seeing her again. She is super friendly and bubbly and just all-around fun so today will be awesome.

We’re headed out to Coronado to do a shoot on the beach. I just hope this June-gloom cloud cover holds because it’s better for lighting. If the lighting is right I may try out some b&w film, but I’m not sure if I fixed the light-leak in my camera, so maybe I should skip it.

I’m nevervous but excited. I like taking photos of people but I don’t feel like I’m good enough. I am super happy with those two shots from our last shoot, so if I get two shots like that again I will be pleased. I should really not question myself so much and proceed with confidence instead.

Oh, and before I head off to do yoga and get ready and all that fun stuff: check out these hummingbirds!

I have been trying to figure out how many hummingbirds visit my feeder but they are so hard to single out. I know I have at least one male and one female Anna’s hummingbird coming by, and the hums are super territorial. They are always zooming and twitting at other hums to chase them away from the feeder. Anna’s hums have this funny little clicking chirp (you can listen to it on this page).

female Anna’s hummingbird

male Anna’s

Hummingbird feathers only contain brown, rufous and black pigments. Their brilliant colours come from little prism-y structures in their feathers that refract and reflect light into the iridescent colours. The male Anna’s actually has a bright red crown and throat, but the sun wasn’t reflecting off his head enough in the photo I posted. It can be really hard to identify them because at the wrong angle they look very dull-coloured, not to mention they move so quickly…luckily, the feeder is just a few feet from my window, so I can usually get a good look in before they zoom off to the white bottlebrush tree and click at eachother.

(Wow, one hum just chased another off from my feeder–it’s so strange, one chased the other away, it left too! It didn’t even drink from the feeder, it just didn’t want the other bird to).

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