I love lizards

I was browsing around, trying to identify this little lizard(I believe it’s an orange-throated whiptail) and I came across this photo of alligator lizards hanging out. I love how one is gumming on the other!!


I think alligator lizards are so rad! Some live in my apartment complex. I saw one that had dropped its tail recently, and a few days later I saw it with a tail-stub! Limb regeneration is soooooooooo fucking cool. We higher vertebrates really need to get in on some of that action.


One thought on “I love lizards

  1. Good photo—but I think they’re fighting….

    Our alligator lizards never get long graceful tails when they regrow them, always look a little stubby. We’ll have to work that out before we start growing new limbs ourselves.

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