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I love browsing through my flickr referrals to see what strange stuff people are searching for when they come across my photo stream. I get at least one search for ‘groping’ from yahoo every day. Every couple days I get ‘statue sex’, ‘wall tattoo/secret wall tattoo’ and some variation of ‘housewife/sexy/pinup’ and once in a while I get ‘what animals are friends with dik dik’ (seriously, I have gotten it multiple times). My all-time favourite is ‘sexy dinosaur’, which I get almost daily from google. Who is looking up sexy dinosaurs and why? I just can’t help but to laugh, because I always imagine that the person is looking for something like this gross furry fandom drawing I came across once, with a humanized, sexalized plesiosaur chilling out with a teeeny tiny bikini covering her giant knockers, but instead they find my version of sexy dinosaur (which is not very sexy at all)


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