all week

Last week, I made a plan to update this blog twice–guess that didn’t work! Lately I have been feeling like I have nothing to say, but that’s kind of defeatist.

Today, Greg and I are off on an odyssey of bureaucracy. We’ve got to get him fingerprinted (twice), get some forms notarized and take them downtown to a tax office, and get some notarized papers showing we share a bank account. Some of it is for his Canadian immigration process (which feels like it will never be over) and some is so we can get a tax return, fingers crossed!

Last week was kind of awesome. My friend Lindsay was visiting and I spent the day with her on Thursday. It was the best. I felt like I could be myself around her and it was so relieving.  I don’t always feel like I can be myself around people lately and it is kind of a stupid teenage thing that I am trying to figure out how to lose.  But, my visit with Linds was great because it was the perfect California eternal-summer day.  We ate burritos overlooking the ocean, laid on the sand and got sunburned, drove around with the windows open drinking  ice tea, cooked a vegan supper and ate (r) ice cream.  It was the perfect girly catch-up day with a friend.

Another thing keeping me off the internet last week was Fable II. We have wanted to buy it since we got an Xbox 360 (like 6 months ago) and we finally got it last weekend. It’s SO GOOD. It’s pretty similar to WoW, but you don’t need a guild of people to complete quests with you. I love it. I think it’s an amazing game so far, I just hope it’s long. I’d hate to get this into it and find out that it was a super-short game!!

I have been drawing a lot in the past week. I used to draw so much and now I hardly do it at all! I tried to draw a lot this week and I’m really happy with the results.

These are for a drawing meme.

Oh, and before I’m off: we made sushi at home last night.  It was pretty fun and it was nice to make sushi again.  I used to work as a sushi chef for a bit while I was in Calgary, and since I stopped working there I have only done it a couple times.  This was my first attempt.


2 thoughts on “all week

  1. all of those pictures make me smile. you and linds are so pretty.
    how did you make inari!? that seems really hard and i have never seen the puffed tofu anywhere.

    also, love your drawings ❤ keep it up!

    1. Oh, thank you for your kind words! I actually saw the inari in a little tin…I have no idea how to make it. I got it at a Japanese market–maybe you will be able to find it in Victoria? It’s a little orange half-can.

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