i’m arinn.  i live in raincity dreamland vancouver with the orange cat brigade, henry and pepin.   i grew up on a farm under the expansive prairie sky and spent a few years in california before coming back to the home of my heart.  i love: drinking tea, dim sum, avocados, riding my bike, afternoon naps with my cats, slouching around with my friends, puns/terrible jokes, writing letters, acquiring tattoos, spending time alone.  my birthday is october 2.  i’m rambly, clumsy, giggly as hell.  once, on a (terrible) date, i was told ‘you remind me of liz lemon’, which made me feel both insulted and flattered.

i’m happiest when i’m doing something creative.  my favourite creative pastimes are sewing, drawing, modeling, photography, fashion, cooking.  my little etsy shop is at dovegreydawn.com

i work as a florist and photographer; you can view my portfolio at arinn.com

i’m an avid reader: right now i’m really into evolutionary biology and other natural studies of the world, but i like and read a lot of other stuff, too.

here’s how to get in touch with me:

arinnw at gmail dot com
arinn on twitter
arinn on flickr




8 thoughts on “rin-formation

  1. I do know you and love your new blog. I’ve got my own on here as well. Somehow it’s more satisfying than SG.

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